Have you been looking for the best ways to boost your muscle recovery after an intense exercise or workout?

What you need in your diet is the right amount of protein. ISO+, Whey Protein Isolate is a rich source of protein containing a high amount of amino acids that can help you boost your post-workout recovery. However, this all depends mainly on the state of your gut health for the best protein absorption.

Improving Gut health

The number of bacteria inside your gut is higher than that what is found in other parts of your body. However, some factors like stress, diet, infections, antimicrobial intake, and living conditions can negatively affect the microbial composition of the gut, which can reduce protein absorption. The term “absorption” here means the movement of nutrients from the epithelial walls into the systemic circulation.

So, there is a need to modulate the growth and survival of bacteria in the gut for better nutrient absorption. Probiotics (live microorganisms that offer health benefits when you take them in an adequate amount) work significantly to improve your overall gut health.

The probiotic bacillus coagulans, survive the gastric secretions and bile of the upper digestive tract and reaches the small intestine where it aids the digestion of proteins and carbohydrates. Also, it helps to promote the population of beneficial bacteria as well as the production of essential fatty acids which are vital for the health of cells lining the gut.

Better Protein Absorption for Muscle Recovery

There is a high level of competition in the gut or intestinal wall for protein absorption due to the difference in absorption rate of every protein. However, one of the best proteins with fast absorption rate is whey protein. It is a fast-acting protein and has an absorption rate of 10g per hour. Little wonder it is the recommended protein for athletes for post-exercise muscle recovery.

More so, it takes just 2 hours to absorb 20g of whey completely. This fast absorption rate is the main reason why many athletes are now taking natural nutritional blends like ISO+ that contains a premium whey protein isolate from grass fed, hormone free cows.

In addition, the probiotics contained in the ISO+ provide the added benefit of aiding quick digestion and absorption of the protein in the body. It achieves this by escaping the toxicity and acidity of the stomach and getting to the intestine where it eliminates pathogens in the guts and promotes better protein absorption through the epithelial walls.

Interestingly, the whey protein itself also serves as both protective matrices and efficient delivery vehicles for the probiotics.

So, if you are taking protein to boost your muscle recovery after an intense exercise session, you must improve your gut health to allow for better absorption. You can achieve this by choosing a Superior Whey Protein Isolate with added Probiotics. Not only is one of the best natural tasting sports nutrition blends around, does not contain any fillers, added sugar, or artificial chemicals, sweeteners, and additives.