Our Philosophy

We admit that Plus Nutrition is partly the result of personal experiences. We found that if we—who are legitimate gym heads—could fall victims to adulterated protein supplements, what about  the thousands of people who cannot recognize artificially enhanced product?

It is for this reason we founded Plus Nutrition—to create products that everyone, professional or amateur, could use and see positive results. All our products are created and tested to ensure they meet international best standards; sourced from non-GMO grass fed cows; gluten free; completely natural; and evidence backed as being effective.

Our Goals

Our primary goal is to revamp the Australian exercise supplements industry—by replacing artificially enhanced protein supplements with 100% All Natural whey protein isolate. To counter the appeal and main selling points of these substandard products, PlusNutrition products are meticulously created to provide an even greater protein punch, all without the attendant side effects of chemically altered alternatives.

A Personal Story

As mentioned earlier, our journey at PlusNutrition was spurred by personal experiences. Our co-founder, Tanya Grifa faced a situation that undoubtedly affects many more—she had to reevaluate her digestive intake to cope with circumstances relating to her health. After being diagnosed with osteo-arthritis, a condition that left her, at 37, with the knees of a 70 year old.

Coupled with the pain of the condition, she saw drastic falls in appetite and food tolerance, leaving her with an acute shortage in nutrients. At this stage, she knew she had to take radical steps to get her protein and nutrients fix.

Our team set to work, crafting a recipes that would provide all her digestive requirements without the extra baggage of preservatives, additives, fillers and chemicals—all of which would have been counterintuitive to her quest for healthier living. The ISO+ developed for Tanya perfectly encapsulates our company’s philosophy:

Quality. Natural. Simple.

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